Sunday, April 7, 2013

Group Leadership Project Presentation on Edmodo

For my group leadership project on using Edmodo to help develop a flipped classroom, my partner and I created a Jing presentation that can be used for professional development.  Throughout the Jing presentation we provided screenshots from Edmodo's website.  We used the cursor to show where one would need to click as if they were navigating the website.  We highlighted Edmodo's great features such as: creating classes, assigning homework and assessments, using polls, embedding links and Google Docs, and more!

If I was going to use this presentation for professional development at my school, I would create an invitation on Google Calenders and invite all staff members to attend.  After seeing the amount of interest, I would book an appropriate location to show the presentation and have teachers use computers to try Edmodo on their own.  To start off, I would show the Jing presentation so teachers can get a general idea of what it is and how to use it in their content area.  I would then play clips of the Jing presentation and pause it throughout to take time to work with teachers one on one or answer questions as a whole group.  I would monitor the group and answer questions as I am giving directions on using Edmodo.  I would make adjustments to the presentation as I saw necessary depending on the needs of the attending teachers.  

Before teachers leave the presentation, I would have them fill out a quick Google Form to provide feedback on the presentation.  Their feedback will provide common questions that need to get answered in future sessions.  Ideally, I would like to provide other Edmodo professional development sessions where teachers could meet and focus on using specific features of Edmodo that they may still be unclear on how to use.  It is so important to provide follow up on professional development because often teachers feel like they need more training and it can boost motivation to use Edmodo in the future to help flip their classrooms.  Lastly, I would  provide a follow up e-mail to all teachers letting them know that they can contact me if they have any questions regarding Edmodo.

Enjoy the presentation and feel free to email if you have any questions about how to use Edmodo or how to use this as a professional development opportunity for your school.     

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