Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brainstorm, Storyboard, and Script for Group Leadership Project

For our group leadership project, Jenn and I decided to teach our colleagues about how to use Edmodo to facilitate in a flipped classroom.  Edmodo is a great tool for teachers because it has a very easy to use format and is a great place to store student work.  One idea we really like for a World Language classroom is having our students record themselves responding to given prompts and posting their recordings to Edmodo.  Students can also post questions to Edmodo where the entire class can see the question and answer.  Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Edmodo is a more secure place for students and teachers to communicate. Teachers have the ability to approve students postings to make sure they are classroom appropriate.  Another great aspect is the calendar where you can post any important dates such as tests, quizzes, and project due dates.  You can also connect with other teachers at your school to collaborate with one another.  Assignments can be posted to Edmodo with links to different websites or podcasts that students can work on at home providing them more time in class to discuss and practice, which is one main features of a flipped classroom.

We used PowerPoint below to create a storyboard that gives an outline to each scene.  Our plan is well thought out with easy to follow instructions and visuals.  It displays our screenshots from Edmodo and correlates the script with each slide so we know what to say and when to say it!  Remember the 5 P's. Proper planning prevents poor presentations. 

You can view our script which narrates the storyboard.  We plan on guiding teachers through the steps of how to sign up for an Edmodo account and how to use all of the great features it has to offer to help flip a classroom.  We want to narrate our storyboard using Jing and perhaps put the screenshots in a Prezi presentation.  We have not finalized our idea yet, but that is the plan so far! 

I hope you have a change to view the storyboard and script and see the wonderful things Edmodo has to offer your classroom!  It integrates Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge.  That is a lot To PACK into your new and improved future flipped classroom!  

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