Friday, March 8, 2013


There have been many teaching strategies that I’ve learned over the past two months on how to integrate technology into my classroom.  Some things I’ve learned about are how to use and post resources on MERLOT, how to create a Webquest, about the 3 principles of the Universal Design for Learning, how to use Web 2.0 in the classroom, and face to face instructional strategies.  Learning about all of these different ways to integrate technology has motivated me to use assistive technology in a way that improves student learning and reaches the widest range of students possible.

Integrating web-based technologies has helped me to think more critically about the types of technologies I am using in my classroom.  I’ve learned that it’s not what you use, but how you use it.  In the past, I was using technology just to use it.  Now I am using technology effectively.  Today, I had my Spanish 1 and 2 students creating google docs and presentations.  It was great!  I had to do some explaining, but they were catching on so fast. (Thank you to all of the other teachers at my school that have been using google docs with them!) It is very rewarding to see students engaged in the lesson while using technology.   

I have started integrating technology into my class more and more which was one of my goals.  I have also used google docs with students, which was another goal of mine. One of my personal goals was to integrate technology into my classroom at a point where I feel comfortable using it.  I am getting over the fear that I might not know how to use something and that it’s okay because I will learn!  I am so motivate to integrate technology effectively into my classroom!

My next goal is to use the webquest that I created with my Spanish 2 students.  I didn’t get the chance to because we switched trimesters.  My next goal is to learn how to use voicethread or learn how to embed students’ voices on google presentations.  I would love to have them record so I can hear their español!  I would also like to have students share their presentations in front of the class.  Having them use the StAIR or kiosk mode on powerpoint would be great for the stories they will be creating at the end of the year.  My personal goal is to finish the MAET program within the next 2 years and my long term goal is to continue to use technology effectively and in a way that is fun for students to learn!

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