Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Professional Learning Plan

Over the past few months, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to address problems and opportunities through the use of technology.  I have learned more about the TPACK framework and how to use it as a Spanish teacher.   I have learned about production value with the creation of  my first podcast.  I have learned to grow as a professional by collecting data from my classmates and colleagues using Google Forms.  I have used Google Hangouts to communicate with other professionals and created a Jing presentation on how to use Edmodo in a flipped classroom.  I have increased my PLN by joining MACUL through Facebook, continuing to use twitter, blogging, and joined discussions on Classroom 2.0.  I used Glogster for the first time to create a data visualization tool.  I learned about professional learning and why it is important to be a leader of technology in my workplace.  Last, but certainly not least, I made a plan and implemented it about a wicked problem that I have as Spanish teacher.  While implementing my plan, I learned about pen-pal emails, VoiceThread, and Skype.  Looking back, I realize that I have learned so many useful things throughout this course.  I have to admit, this was a difficult course for me because it challenged me to create things that I have never done before.  I really tried to push myself to use new technology and now that the course is almost over, I am proud that I pushed myself to learn so many new things that I can use in my classroom to enhance my students' learning.

Looking back at some old goals that I had made for myself, I realize that I have reached many of them.  I have become familiar with technology tools that have increased my knowledge strong enough that I can share it with my students and colleagues.  Over the past few months, I have attended monthly technology meetings held by the PLC technology support group at my school.  One thing I would like to still do is share some of the ideas I have learned during this course.  The first thing I would like to share with my PLC group is the Jing presentation I made on how to use Edmodo.  The group can really benefit from this tool and perhaps I can share it in a larger staff meeting in the future.  

Some goals I am still implementing because I have come to realize that they take time to put in to action.  One thing that I am still working on is increasing my students’ knowledge with technology so they can do things inside and outside of the classroom to become better language learners.  I still need to continue to encourage my students to use technology (for educational purposes) outside of the classroom.  I have give them some apps to help with Spanish, but I want to do more.  Also, I plan on growing individually by continuing to create my personal learning network (PLN) by staying connected with twitter, MACUL, Classroom 2.0 and educational blogs. 

Another goal is to use technology to help my students become global learners.   I want my students to use the Internet to be creative, connect & communicate with the Spanish speaking world, and to see traditions of other cultures.  I also want to become a global learner myself by using technology.  I want to connect & communicate with the Spanish speaking world so I can show my students the world without leaving the classroom.  I want to use the internet to connect with other teachers throughout the world and learn new ideas of how I can use technology in my classroom to make my students global learners and 21st century learners.  I have started to implement this with the research of online pen-pals.  This idea is going to help my students and myself to connect with the Spanish speaking world while increasing their confidence in using Spanish.  

Next year, I want to start off the year by applying for different grants.  This way I can try tools like VoiceThread in my classroom.  Along with VoiceThread, I would like to learn how to add video and audio on Google sites so my students can add these features to their online portfolios.  

My personal goal is to finish the MAET program by next spring!  I know that I want to continue to stay up to date as technology is being integrated into more classrooms.  I know that MSU and the MAET program will fully prepare me to be a great educator that is able to integrate technology into my curriculum.  Go green!

One aspect of being a teacher, is that you are always learning. Whether you are taking a class, going to a PD or PLC meeting, discussing things with colleagues, or sharing and learning ideas from your PLN.  I am excited to continue the program through MSU this summer and want to continue to integrate technology into my classroom next fall. 



  1. Hi Laura!

    I really liked your reflection on your experiences throughout the course, your comments were very precise and organized which made for easy reading. I too look forward to sharing our Edmodo presentation! I think we did a good job on it :) It was great working with you! Good luck with the rest of the program!


  2. What a great way to help your kids by connecting with other teachers throughout the world using technology. I love the idea of online pen pals and using that to help increase the kids' confidence. Technology has so many great things to offer when it comes to teaching a foreign language. It sounds like you are doing your best to utilize everything that you can! Best of luck with the rest of the program!!

  3. Hi Laura,

    There's a lot I like about your blog post and Glog, but one thing that really stood out to me is your desire to share things you've learned in the MAET courses with the PLC technology support group at your school. I love how you are not only considering personal benefits for yourself and your classroom, but also being a contributing member of your PLC group. We've discussed how we have PLNs who help us, it's awesome that you are being a contributing member to the PLNs of the people in your group. I'm reading a book right now that's called "Give & Take" about different approaches to the workplace and I feel like you are definitely a "giver" - you want other people to succeed, too. (I haven't finished the book yet, but its thesis is that the most successful people are givers). It definitely makes me hope that when I get a teaching job, I have co-workers like you!